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Real Estate Law in Chatham, New Jersey 

Rosemary Stone-Dougherty, Esq., LLC, in Chatham, New Jersey, specializes in real estate law, whether you need help buying or selling your home. Rosemary will guide you through the step-by-step process, and provide the legal assistance you need to quickly buy or sell. The needs of our clients always come first. You will see the draft form of anything that we prepare for you. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, after all, you are the one buying or selling your home. We enjoy helping our clients, and much of our business comes from referrals, repeat clients, and Realtors that depend on us for assistance.

Call Us When You Are Ready 
When dealing with your real estate transaction, you will not need to hire an attorney until you go under contract to purchase or sell your home. Our assistance applies to residential and commercial clients, as well as buyers, sellers, leases, landlords, and tenants.

Turning Contracts into Keys
Buying a home is a long process when you do not have the necessary help. Get into your new home quickly with our help. We quickly help you turn those buying contracts into your new set of house keys. We assist with every step of the process including:

Couple, Real Estate Law in Chatham, NJ
• Review, Explain, & Navigate through the Mortgage Paperwork
• Record Your New Deed & Mortgage, If Necessary
• Act as Liaison with Lender Representatives, Realtors®,
  Inspectors, & Sellers
• Conduct & Attend the Closing
• Contract & Attorney Review
• Inspection Negotiations
• Lender Relations
• Document Preparation
• Title Review
• Coordinate the Closing
• Resolve Any Final Issues
Don’t go through the process of selling your home alone. Trust Rosemary Stone-Dougherty, Esq., LLC for the legal assistance you need to turn your keys into money. We are available to:

• Monitor Buyer's Progress during Contract Stage
• Attend Closing, with You or on Your Behalf
• Prepare Documents Necessary for Closing

• Contract & Attorney Review
• Negotiate Inspection Demands
• Obtain Mortgage Payoffs, If Necessary
• Review HUD-1 & Settlement Statement


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